About the instructor.



I'm Michiru Fujii, an English instructor for piano and rhythmic classes in Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.

I have been a piano instructor for almost 20 years now.

Since my freshman year of college, I began teaching piano to local children.

While taking a break from piano instruction due to an international marriage with an Australian, I resumed teaching in 2014.


Over the course of 14 years, through the piano that I couldn't always play as I wished, I came to a profound realization – playing the piano is incredibly enjoyable!

I hope my students also experience the joy and excitement of playing the piano, and I aspire for the piano to become a lifelong companion for them.


That next year, I also started giving piano lessons in English. 


The motivation behind starting piano lessons in English at Michi's Music School was not only to teach the piano joyfully but also to convey the delight of speaking English through music, as well as share a worldview encompassing foreign cultures and lifestyles.

This led to the introduction of piano lessons and rhythmic classes in English.


While English education now begins in elementary school, when I was in elementary school, English was typically introduced in junior high. Private lessons often included piano, swimming, calligraphy, and Kumon.

I myself studied piano, ballet, calligraphy, and Kumon, and I didn't have the opportunity to study English during that time.


In sixth grade, when I first listened to popular bands like Duran Duran and Culture Club, which were trending at the time, I distinctly remember being impressed and thinking, 'Wow, there are such wonderful songs overseas!' From that moment on, I began to develop an interest in English and foreign cultures.


In my second year of junior high, I went to the United States for a one-month homestay. However, during this month, I didn't have much communication with the host family, and it was a sad experience. Despite that, I managed to express my feelings in writing, as our assignment was to keep a diary.

I vividly remember the teacher who was in charge of teaching English being very kind and supportive during that time.


After returning home, I continued to learn English joyfully by listening to and translating lyrics from English songs with my close friends at school. In addition to playing the piano, I also started learning the guitar myself during this time and became involved in band activities. Music and English became the focal points of my daily life.


After entering the Osaka College of Music, I began working as a piano instructor during my studies.

Wanting to enhance my English skills, I attended an English conversation school for a year and a half.


In the coming era, English is becoming essential. Reflecting on times when I struggled with communication, I believe it's important to familiarize oneself with English as early as possible to avoid regretting not starting sooner. Getting acquainted with English early on, even in small ways, can be crucial. Incorporating it with music makes the learning process even more enjoyable.


I instruct with the aim of fostering individuals who can communicate with each other using English and music as common tools, transcending borders and connecting with people worldwide.

Currently, with an increasing number of international students, the environment has become more diverse and globally enriched.



I started playing the piano at the age of 5.

I studied under Ms. Mikiko Higuchi from the fourth grade.


I graduated from the Instrumental Music Department (Piano) of Osaka College of Music.

During my time as a student, I began teaching the piano.


Afterward, I resumed my career as a piano instructor following marriage, childbirth, and a relocation.

Despite a 14-year hiatus, I returned to teaching and received multiple awards in competitions.

With a piano teaching experience of 20 years, I am now in my eighth year of providing piano lessons in English.


I have been studying under Ms. Sae Matsuda. I participated in masterclasses when Boris Bekhterev and Yves Henry visited Japan.

The 26th, I attended classes by Pierre Réach at the Kyoto French Music Academy.

The 27th, I took classes with Éric Heidsieck at the same Academy.


The 10th, I won 3rd prize in the Kansai regional competition (no 1st place awarded) at the All Japan Artistic Competition.

The 18th, I received an Encouragement Award and performed in the winners' concert at Great Wall Cup International Music Competition .

I was selected in the Age-G category of the 17th and 19th Osaka International Music Competition and in both Age-G and Recital Course categories of the 21st and 22nd competitions.

The 3rd, I won 4th prize (no 1st place awarded) at the All Japan Artistic Competition.

The 20th, I won 2nd prize(no 1st place awarded) and performed in the winners' concert at Great Wall Cup International Music Competition.

In February 2017, I participated in a salon concert organized by the Kyoto French Song Association, and in July, I performed in the association's 25th-anniversary concert, 'Fauré and His Disciples.'                              

In December 2018, I participated in the concert 'Scheherazade and Don Quixote' organized by the same association.

I'm a member of the Piano Teachers' National Association of Japan.(PTNA)

I'm a certified instructor of the NPO Japan Children's Education Center for English Rhythmic.


I also have experience as an assistant in music classes at Kyoto International School.

I study under Ms. Ichiko Hosoki at the Kyoto Dalcroze Rhythmic Study Group.


In 2020, I released piano lesson materials in English through Benesse, in partnership with the American-operated online platform Udemy.

I'm also active on YouTube.


I'm a mom of three boys!