About the Recital

A solo piano recital, where you perform and express yourself in front of everyone, is an invaluable experience that one doesn't typically encounter!

It's an opportunity to showcase the results of your hard work and practice to your parents, grandparents, friends, and a large audience.

Having others listen to your performance means sharing your music with them in the same time and space, which is a wonderful thing!

Practicing diligently to be heard makes skillful.

As you become more skilled, playing the piano becomes enjoyable, and it boosts your confidence.

Students who gain confidence often engage in friendly piano duels with their friends.


In the second part, only those who wish to participate are dressed in costumes for a piano duet.

Wearing costumes allows them to envision the music more vividly and play with greater enjoyment.

The sight of performers fully embracing their characters is not only entertaining for the players themselves but also brings joy to everyone in the audience.


Mothers who can play the piano participate in duets with their children.

I have received heartwarming comments,


「The duet with a child becomes an irreplaceable lifelong memory.」

「For the grandmother, watching her daughter and grandchild play a duet seemed to be deeply moving, turning it into a day of cherished memories.」


Some participants share their experiences,

「I wasn't nervous at all; it was so much fun! I want to participate again next year!」

「Playing the piano is fun! Music is wonderful!」



"They are having a valuable experience that goes beyond the ordinary recital. 






This is a video of the 2019 recital on YouTube.